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Commercial waste collection as low as £2.99 per week

We assist thousands of businesses throughout Sussex and Surrey in managing their waste. Want to join them?

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Our free bins could save you £400.

Were you aware that businesses can incur on-the-spot fines up to £400 for improper commercial waste disposal? Avoid the risk. Indulge in one (or several) of our gorgeous branded bins today.


Volume (ltr):  240
Max Height (mm): 1079
Max Width (mm): 583
Max Depth (mm): 737

  • Can hold up to 5 bags of waste
  • Best for small businesses
  • Perfect for food and glass waste


Volume (ltr):  360
Max Height (mm): 1112
Max Width (mm): 585
Max Depth (mm): 880

  • Can hold up to 8 bags of waste
  • Best for mid-sized businesses like restaurants, bars or shops
  • Great for any type of waste


Volume (ltr):  660
Max Height (mm): 1213
Max Width (mm): 1373
Max Depth (mm): 780

  • Holds up to 13 bags of waste
  • Best for businesses with a lot of waste or bulky rubbish
  • Great for any type of waste


Volume (ltr):  1100
Max Height (mm): 1354
Max Width (mm): 1373
Max Depth (mm): 1073

  • Holds up to 22 bags of waste
  • Best for businesses with high volumes of / bulky rubbish or recyclables
  • Great for dry mixed recycling

We love waste!

Waste – often seen as untidy and unpleasant – is our passion and specialty. From a family-run start, we’ve evolved to owning a unique recycling facility near Crawley with our own fleet of collection vehicles.

Commercial bin advice

Whether it’s choosing the right bin/size or colour, or scheduling collections – we’ve experienced it all and offer extensive, friendly advice on waste management. If your requirements have shifted, or if you’re just initiating your journey in waste management services, our sales team is ready to guide you.

Waste Collection from as low as £2.99

Our 30 year reputation is one of enduring quality. Boasting a 99.9% reliability rate on collections and services starting from a mere £2.99, we ensure you’re well-covered. Plus, we include the bins at no additional cost, as standard.

A Zero Waste to Landfill Company

The Recycling Partnership collect and process many recyclables including glass, plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, tins, drinks cans, aluminium foil and packaging. We are a Zero Waste to Landfill company and continue to find new and innovative ways to process Mixed Waste and Recyclables.

  • Bins Supplied
  • Recycling Centre
  • Regular Collections
  • All Materials Recovered/Recycled